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ACI releases 2014 Asia Pacific Travel/Hospitality Industry Salary Report

In summary:

  • 68 per cent of respondents received a pay increase in the past 12 months
  • 22 per cent of respondents felt career opportunities with their present company were poor
  • 71 per cent of respondents rate career progression as important or very important
  • 12 per cent higher salary for male respondents than female respondents  

SINGAPORE – Speaking at the official launch event held at the Singapore Tourism Board and attended by HR and Travel & Hospitality professionals, ACI’s Founder & CEO, Andrew Chan said this year’s results showed positive signs for staff working in the Asia Pacific travel and hospitality sector, with 68 per cent of all respondents who participated in the survey indicating they had received a pay increase in the last 12 months.

“2013 proved to be an excellent year for international tourism which showed a remarkable capacity to adjust to changing market conditions, fuelling growth and job creation across the region, despite the lingering economic and geopolitical challenges.” Mr Chan said.

While salary continues to be an important factor for candidates, Mr Chan pointed to the increasing trend in the importance of career development on employee satisfaction. A total of 71 per cent of all respondents stated that career progression was either ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’, with just 3 per cent saying career progression was unimportant.

Interestingly, employees appear more satisfied with their current prospects than they did in previous years, with just 34 per cent of those surveyed said they believed that their current employer offered ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ opportunities for career progression, compared with the 28 per cent seen in 2013, and only 22 per cent felt career prospects with their present employer were ‘poor’ or ‘zero’ compared to the alarming 35 per cent from the previous survey.

Mr Chan said one of the possible reasons was that the improved economic outlook has allowed companies to expand, creating new opportunities for existing staff in new areas of their business or sub-regions.

Launched in late January, the survey this year attracted over 800 respondents from 9 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

These range from company CEOs, managing directors and general managers through to middle management and front line staff.

The largest proportion of respondents (37 per cent) was based in Singapore with China (31 per cent), Hong Kong (17 per cent) and Thailand (4 per cent) also providing strong samples. 
Underlining Singapore’s reputation as one of the most expensive cities globally, average salaries from respondents grew by 16.1% according to the 2014 survey. This was followed closely by Thailand (11.5%) and China (9.8%). On actual highest average salaries from the survey, that once again belonged to Macau with (U$106,800), followed by Hong Kong (U$84,936) and Australia (U$81,939). Malaysia once again posted the survey’s lowest average salary (U$37,418).

For more information, contact Andrew Chan at

About ACI 

With over 50 years of combined management experience ACI is Asia’s leading specialist Recruitment, Executive Search and Professional Training firm dedicated to the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Industries.




Country Comfort® Reinvents Hotel Franchising with New Model

Fair and Transparent Model Offering Attractive Yields

20 March, 2014 – SINGAPORE – Country Comfort®, an upper midscale hotel brand of SilverNeedle® Hospitality,
is set to reinvent the hotel franchising business with a modern model
that is fair and transparent providing a compelling investment proposition. Based
on the simple principle of aligning its economic interests with those of its
franchisees, SilverNeedle® Hospitality as a franchisor will strive for an ideal partnership
with franchisees by being one of the few hotel franchisors to pass on
all savings from negotiating the lowest possible costs for all furniture, fittings
and equipment (FF&E) with its suppliers, directly to the franchisees.

“As franchising is one of the best ways for hotel owners and
investors to grow a hotel chain, we want to offer an attractive and cost-effective
model that stretches yields,” said Sean Flynn, Executive Vice President, Brands at
Singapore-based SilverNeedle® Hospitality. “As a franchisor, we take a long-term view of
aligning our economic interests with the franchisees’ so we will be one of
the few hotel franchisors that will not make any money off the franchisee’s capital

SilverNeedle® Hospitality aims to take the Country Comfort® brand,
already familiar in Australia and New Zealand, to other parts of Asia Pacific,
specifically Southeast Asia, North and South Asia. The group is in discussions with
interested franchisees in Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Vietnam and Australia.

SilverNeedle® Hospitality’s team of franchising experts has also scoured the
globe for the best-quality FF&E at the lowest costs for franchisees,
thereby maximising their yields. The FF&E cost of a Country Comfort room will be
25% lower than the average FF&E cost of a midscale hotel room according to the
2013/2014 HVS Hotel Development Cost Survey.

“With a combined experience of 48 years in hotel franchising, our
team has learnt the best way to ensure a fruitful franchisor-franchisee
relationship is to help the latter enjoy the highest yield possible,” said Flynn. “With
quality fittings at a reasonable cost, franchisees stand to enjoy higher occupancy as
our offerings gain traction with the busy and budget-conscious business traveller.”

Quality fittings in the Country Comfort® franchise
include the SilverNeedle® DreamWeave Sleep System™ comprising the highest quality pillow-top
mattress with gel-infused memory foam, Egyptian Cotton 300 thread count per
inch linens and a selection of premium pillows. 

Guests will also enjoy an energising high pressure shower
experience, with limitless hot water and quality bathware from the high-end German
brand, Bravat. To top it off, a complimentary healthy continental breakfast will
leave guests refreshed to face the next day’s challenges in line with Country
Comfort®’s new brand promise: Rest Today for a More Productive Tomorrow.

By providing only what the guests need – the best in category
sleep experience, an excellent shower experience and nutritious breakfast at a
reasonable rate – and removing what they do not need and do not wish to pay for,
SilverNeedle® Hospitality is confident that occupancy will be greater than its
competitors because of the premium experience in a midscale segment. This, coupled
with the low FF&E cost, will make Country Comfort® a franchise that provides one of
the best yields. To view the Country Comfort® prototype, please go to:

SilverNeedle® Hospitality rebranded the 28-year old Country Comfort® in
October 2013 with a new brand promise and a refreshed brand identity and
introduced the Fair Value Promise™ that includes free Wi-Fi, free local calls and
great value on IDD calls, lobby retail products priced just 30% above local
convenience stores and laundry and dry cleaning at 20% above street pricing. 

To further enhance the brand experience, Country Comfort® has
created signature auditory and olfactory experiences with a standardised Country
Comfort® collection of playlists designed to suit the different moods of the day
together with an exclusive signature scent that will be diffused to the hotels’ key

For more information, please visit

For further information please contact:

Chia-Peck Wong
Director Corporate Communications
SilverNeedle® Hospitality
Tel: +65-6645-9405

About SilverNeedle® Hospitality:

SilverNeedle® Hospitality is an innovative and progressive integrated hospitality investment, management and development company, with a focus on mid to upscale hotels and resorts that are intelligently designed and operated for the professional and leisure needs of the business traveller. SilverNeedle® Hospitality currently operates more than 60 managed and licensed properties with three properties under development, together accounting for more than 4,000 keys in Asia Pacific. Headquartered in Singapore, SilverNeedle® Hospitality has regional offices in Bangkok, Sydney and Bangalore.

The Nadathur Group, an investment firm owned by Nadathur S. Raghavan, cofounder of NASDAQ-listed Infosys Technologies, founded SilverNeedle® Hospitality. For more information, please visit

Laureate Hospitality Education CEOs to Speak at Women in Hospitality and Tourism in Asia Conference

Singapore, March 3, 2014 –
Three CEOs of Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) schools will be in Singapore this week to speak
at the inaugural Women in Hospitality and Tourism in Asia conference. Judy Hou, CEO of Glion Institute
of Higher Education; Sonia Tatar, director general/CEO of Les Roches
Worldwide; and Emily Williams Knight, president of Kendall College are
participating in the conference because of their role and leadership in
educating new generations of women for the hospitality industry.  

A leading hospitality
management education group, LHE comprises four institutions: Glion Institute of
Higher Education, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Kendall
College, and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. These
institutions span four continents, with locations including the UK,
Switzerland, Spain, Australia, China, and the United States.

Women represent two thirds of
the global tourism industry labour force; however, Asia has the lowest average
participation of women in the global hotel and restaurant sector. That women
are educated in this region is critical because the UN World Tourism Organization
asserts that tourism helps women break the poverty cycle. According to The
World Bank, women and girls reinvest an average of 90% of their income in their
families, compared to a 30 to 40% reinvestment rate for men. Furthermore, some
44 million jobs are expected to be created in Asia Pacific over the next 10
years, presenting a huge opportunity to up‐skill employees in the hospitality

LHE has a strong presence in
the region with two of their schools having branch campuses in Shanghai and
Suzhou.  Additionally, Judy Hou says “We
continue to see traction and interest in the region for our programs in
Switzerland, the US and our branch campuses. 
Our presence in this conference acknowledges the roles of Singapore and
China, among others, as pivotal to the hospitality industry growth, not only in
the region but worldwide.”

from Asia represent a considerable percentage of each LHE school’s
population.  Hospitality management
programs in Les Roches and Glion, among the three top schools in hospitality in
the world, continue to attract students from the region, particularly through
innovative offers such as Les Roches’ Global BBA program that allows students
to pursue their academic studies in China, Spain and Switzerland. 

hotel companies – which have excellent potential for growth, especially in Asia
– are looking to hire graduates who are not only used to a multicultural work
environment, but who also have expertise acquired in different parts of the
world,” said president Tatar.  “The Global
BBA program gives students a unique and differentiated exposure to countries
where the hospitality sector is in full and rapid expansion, providing them a
competitive edge to enter this professional market.”

Kendall College, the number
one school in Chicago, USA, for careers in hospitality and culinary arts, has
seen increased interest from Asia and China due in part to the vibrancy and
promising tourist and culinary scene of Chicago.  “Kendall has seen a 60% increase in culinary
arts students from Asia, with women representing more than 80% of those new
students,” said president Knight.  “This
diverse pool adds to the unique and global experience of our academic

Glion also offers students
based in Asia a fully online MBA program. In Singapore, Glion has students from
Marina Bay Sands and Sofitel participating in this online course. Hou says, “These
students are well supported by their management teams at work, and we expect
the degree to position them to fast track their career in hospitality

“I chose Glion’s online MBA
program for its excellent reputation,” said Kim Sung Wong, Director of Public
Area Department at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Laureate Hospitality
Education (LHE) is a member of the Laureate
International Universities
network, which is made up of more than 75
accredited campus-based and online institutions of higher education, serving
more than 800,000 students in 30 countries.

LHE contact:

Maria Alexandra Velez
Executive Director, Communications
Laureate Education, Inc.
+1 443 627-7112 – Office
+1 443 509-5793 – Mobile

Media Contact:

Illka Gobius
Principal Consultant
PINPOINT Public Relations 
mobile +65 9769 8370

Transformative, Emerging Technologies Tabled for Discussion in Singapore

One of the
most extraordinary science and technology events to be held in Singapore, MIT
Technology Review’s EmTech Singapore,
will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre – Marina Bay Sands, 20-12
January, 2014. (Ref: MIT
Brings EmTech To Singapore
).  Innovators,
technology leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs from a wide range of
industries and research fields will convene in Singapore to discuss the latest
trends in emerging technologies.

On the table
for discussion:

  • How innovative
    or the application of purely functional paradigms to code,
    infrastructure and the collection of data are enabling the rapid development of
    powerful, reliable, and scalable programs to transform businesses as diverse as
    hospitals, retailers and even urban cities;
  • The synthesis of engineering and biology and its
    potential impact on green chemicals,
    or to develop sustainable and renewable
  • Innovations in medical technology from using retinal scans as a diagnostic tool
    for life threatening conditions and how each of us is likely to experience
    robotic assisted surgery; to digital medicine for remote monitoring, and the wearable
    technology that will enable that to happen
  • Re-imagining
    the assembly of our physical world
    by using developments in nanotechnology,
    synthetic biology and biomedical science to create  radical 4D
    printing solutions
    at much larger scales that feature self-assembly and
    programmable matter
  • The use
    of robotics in environmental stewardship
    – using air and ground systems to
    detect invasive weeds and pests, animal tracking, or farm  crop yield and health management
  • The transformation of architecture through digital materiality and how the ideas
    of architects in the future will permeate the fabrication process of buildings
    in their entirety
  • Building new models for urban infrastructure development that address existing ones with
    transformative ideas, in a manner that accelerates funding and stakeholder
    approvals, so as to prepare cities to cope with explosive urban population
  • The exploration of autonomous driving technology and future urban mobility both from a
    macro regulatory standpoint and the call for start-ups to disrupt the industry
    by applying new technology, patterns of thinking and lean methodology

Rarely do
such speakers come under one roof. Speakers such as Jeff Hammerbacher, Founder and Chief Scientist of Cloudera; Skylar Tibbits, Director of the
Self-Assembly Lab at MIT; Salah
, Director of Research & Innovation at the Australian Centre
for Field Robotics; Halle Tecco, CEO
and Founder of Rock Health; and Amar
, Senior Vice President of Autodesk.

To learn
more about EmTech Singapore, visit

About EmTech Singapore

EmTech Singapore is where technology, business, and culture converge. It’s the showcase for emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. It’s an access point to the most innovative people and companies in the world. Most of all, it is a place of inspiration—an opportunity to glimpse the future and begin to understand the technologies that matter and how they’ll change the face of business and drive the new global economy.

About Koelnmesse

is one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. Its more than 70 trade
fairs and exhibitions have the broadest international scope in the industry, as
60 percent of the exhibitors and 40 percent of the visitors come from outside
Germany. The Koelnmesse events include the leading global trade fairs for 25
sectors, such as imm cologneAnugaIDSINTERMOTinterzum
photokinaGamescom, and the International Hardware Fair

About Pinpoint Public Relations

Pinpoint Public Relations is a boutique PR consultancy based in Singapore. We make news about your business. Our job is to connect your newsmakers with the media; to get your key messages across to influencers, in order to position your brand and create advocates for your brand. Visit us at http://www,

Leaders Meet in Singapore to Discuss LNG Trading

September 2013 – Singapore, the country which is emerging as Asia’s LNG trading
will host industry decision makers at the 5th World LNG Series: Asia
Pacific Summit (LNG Asia) next
week to discuss the changing demand for LNG in Asia Pacific. Over 250 government
and commercial leaders from countries as diverse as Australia, China, France,
India, Japan, Mozambique, Singapore, UK and USA, will lead discussions about
what needs to happen to create a gas trading hub in Asia, as well as discuss
the LNG supply outlook.

Speakers from Singapore at the conference include Moon Ming
Seah, Group Chief Executive Officer of Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd and Neil
McGregor, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd.

Pavilion Energy, a company set up in April 2013 by Temasek
has an initial authorized capital of $1 billion to participate and invest in
various parts of the LNG value chain; to tap growing demand in Asia and focus
on liquefied natural gas. Pavilion Energy is a Gold sponsor of LNG Asia.

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG) operates the first liquid
natural gas (LNG) terminal in Asia at Jurong, capable of importing and
re-exporting LNG from multiple suppliers. Jurong Rock Caverns[3],
a $950 million underground storage facility for crude oil, condensates, naphtha
and gas-oil that lies 130 meters beneath the Banyan Basin, commenced operations
in May this year.

“LNG Asia is
the right partner for Singapore to build partner relationships with
international oil and gas companies”, says Pat Roberts, Associate Director of CWC
Group for their gas portfolio. “This conference is timely, driven by the fact
that we have unprecedented participation from a wide range of speakers and delegates
who are coming together to discuss what it will take to drive sustainable
growth in the industry. If you want to shape the future of LNG in Asia, it is
important to be a part of the discussions that will take place next week.”

close soon. Visit
to register. Media are welcome to attend.




About the World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit 

The summit is organized by The CWC Group, twice winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. CWC has a 15-year track-record in delivering energy events and training globally, focused on Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, LNG, GTL, Shale Gas, Local Content, O&G Logistics & Technology, Infrastructure and Water Management. 
The company has organized over 600 events in the past 15 years, to which they attribute their unparalleled wealth and depth of experience. CWC is the acknowledged market leader for events and training in the oil and gas industry. With representative offices and agents in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and the Americas, CWC is supported by a team of 140 employees based at their headquarters in London, England.

Web In Travel Seeks Outstanding Digital All-Stars for Recognition

SINGAPORE – 4 September 2013 – Web In Travel (, a successful conference and community that discusses distribution, marketing and technology in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries, is seeking nominations to recognize companies or individuals that have made a difference in the digital travel space, either through a specific marketing campaign or an overall strategy. The WITOVATION awards are presented each year at the Web In Travel conference, which will be held October 21-23, 2013 at Suntec, in Singapore.

The judges for each of the award categories represent leaders in their fields and represent companies such as Facebook, Adobe and TripAdvisor.

The Award categories are:

Uber Social

  • The UberSocial Award will be awarded to the company or individual that exhibits the most awesome use of social media to tell a story; engage with customers to improve service; increase loyalty and improve revenues.

Absolute Mobile

  • The Absolute Mobile Award will be awarded for the company or individual that exhibits the brilliant use of mobile technology to engage customers; either pre-trip, in-destination or post-trip; in a manner that informs, inspires and transacts.

True Specialist

  • The True Specialist Award will be awarded to the company or individual that has crafted a specialist, deep-rooted niche through story-telling, consumer engagement and by delivering an outstanding experience

Pure Customer

  • The Pure Customer Award will be awarded to the company or individual that has demonstrated that it most understands the changing needs of the new customer and puts customer experience and customer service at the core of what it does.

Marketer of the Year – An Editor’s Choice

  • Will be awarded in recognition of an individual marketer or company who embodies the ethos of WIT: Creative, witty, respected, credibility, cutting edge.

Judging Criteria

1.  Medium/Media – a clear demonstration of great use of the medium (or media) in the chosen category – for example, in mobile, it is the use of a mobile device.

2.  The Message – what was the message and how well was it delivered?

3.  Creativity – in concept, execution and delivery

4.  Connection – rather than being cool for cool’s sake, how well did the campaign connect with its intended audience? What tangible results/metrics did it achieve?

5.  The X Factor – a specificity that is unique to each category


Written nominations should be sent using the template above to or you may submit your nomination in the form of a 3-minute video, telling the judges why you should win.


Winners will be selected by our panel of judges and be given a presentation slot to share their story at the WIT Conference. The judges’ decision is final.

For more information about WITOVATION, please visit

– ENDS –


Web In Travel (WIT) is a successful conference and community that discusses distribution, marketing and technology in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries. WIT has a reputation of facilitating start-ups and innovation. The theme of the conference this year is “The Asia Factor” which will examine the trends that are changing travel and Asia, the new models that are emerging and evolving, the new players that are changing the game and space and the markets and customers that are emerging in what is the Golden Age of Asia Travel.     


Illka GobiusPINPOINT Public Relations, M: +65 9769 8370, E:


Web In Travel (WIT) is a successful conference and community that discusses distribution, marketing and technology in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries. WIT has a reputation of facilitating start-ups and innovation. The theme of the conference this year is “The Asia Factor” which will examine the trends that are changing travel and Asia, the new models that are emerging and evolving, the new players that are changing the game and space and the markets and customers that are emerging in what is the Golden Age of Asia Travel. 

Second Annual SALT Asia Conference Announces Program

New York, NY (August X, 2013) – SkyBridge Capital (SkyBridge), an alternative investment firm, today announced the program for the second annual SkyBridge Alternatives “SALT” Asia Conference, which will take place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore September 24-27, 2013. Featured speakers for the invitation-only event include: Timothy Geithner, 75th United States Secretary of the Treasury; Jean-Claude Trichet, Former President of the ECB (2003 -2011) & Former Governor Banque de France (1993-2003; John Lipsky, Former First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (2006-2011); Jin Liqun, Former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, China Investment Corporation (CIC); Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Singapore; and Nassim Taleb, New York Times Bestselling Author, “The Black Swan” and Distinguished Scientific Advisor, Universa Investments. 

Building off the success of last year’s inaugural event, SALT Asia will convene approximately 1,000 decision makers, industry experts, finance professionals and members of the alternative investment community to discuss and debate key economic trends, geopolitical events and investment strategies for the year ahead. The conference will also provide a forum for networking, with one-on-one and group meeting spaces and evening entertainment. 

“SALT Asia is truly a global summit, bringing together leaders and professionals from every area of the world, to meld disparate views and challenge one another’s thinking, as well as share best practices and make connections,” said Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner at SkyBridge. “We are excited for this year’s program, which we believe will produce some great ideas for navigating the global markets and economy in the year ahead.”  

Current confirmed speakers for SALT Asia include (in alphabetical order): Marc Faber, Editor & Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”; Jeffrey Jaensubhakij, President, GIC Asset Management; Steve Kuhn, Partner & Head of Fixed Income Trading, Pine River Capital Management; Antony Leung, Senior Managing Director & Chairman of Greater China, The Blackstone Group; Adam Levinson, Chief Investment Officer, Fortress Asia Macro Fund & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Fortress Macro Fund; Deepak Narula, Founder & Managing Partner, Metacapital Management; Guan Ong, Principal, Blue Rice Investment Management & Former Chief Investment Officer, Korea Investment Corporation; Adrian Ryder, Chief Investment Officer, Queensland Investment Corporation; Manraj Sekhon, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Fullerton Fund Management; Ty Wallach, Partner, Paulson & Co.; and Danny Yong, Chief Investment Officer, Dymon Asia

Registration is now open. For the full agenda, information on participation opportunities or to request an invitation to attend, please visit

About SALT 

With thought leaders, business professionals, hedge fund managers and investors from approximately 36 countries and 6 continents, the SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for attendees from around the world to connect with global leaders and network with industry peers. The flagship SALT Vegas conference will take place at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada May 13-16, 2014. 

SALT is produced by SkyBridge Capital, an alternative investment firm with approximately $8.3 billion in assets under advisement or management as of June 30, 2013. The firm provides investment management products, portfolio management and advisory services addressing every type of market participant. SkyBridge offers investment services for commingled funds of hedge funds products, customized separate account portfolios and hedge fund advisory services. The firm is headquartered in New York and has an office in Zürich, Switzerland. 

SINGAPORE – 22 AUGUST 2013 – The premier strategic LNG gathering for the region, the World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore 24-26 September 2013. The event is designed to examine the changing demand for LNG in Asia Pacific, to consider the supply outlook, as well how to drive sustainable growth in the industry. It will also address developments in LNG business models for both Buyers and Suppliers in Asia Pacific, while exploring if the market is headed to spot trading and short term optimization. Delegates will also be challenged to discuss what needs to happen to create a gas trading hub in Asia.

CWC Group is honoured to announce that Hitoshi Nishizawa, General Manager, LNG, Fuel Department, Fuel & Power Company for Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) will be speaking. Keynote speakers at the summit also include Moon Ming Seah, Group Chief Executive Officer of the newly launched Temasek company, Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd; Frédéric Barnaud, President & Managing Director of Gazprom Marketing & Trading and Zheng Hongtao, Vice President of CNOOC Gas and Power Group Ltd.

Other notable speakers include Rajeev Mathur, Executive Director of GAIL (India) Ltd.; Philip Olivier, President of GDF Suez LNG and Yasushi Sakakibara, Chief Representative for the Asia Pacific Regional Office of Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.

– END –

About The World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit

The World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit is organized by The CWC Group, twice winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. CWC has a 15-year track-record in delivering energy events and training globally, focused on Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, LNG, GTL, Shale Gas, Local Content, O&G Logistics & Technology, Infrastructure and Water Management.

The company has organized over 600 events in the past 15 years, to which they attribute their unparalleled wealth and depth of experience. CWC is the acknowledged market leader for events and training in the oil and gas industry. With representative offices and agents in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and the Americas, CWC is supported by a team of 140 employees based at their headquarters in London, England.

Beauty with Heart - Lancôme Holds Charity Auction in Aid of Women’s Heart Health

immediate release

June 2013 – SINGAPORE – Lancôme’s brand mission is to convey positive beauty.
In the spirit of embracing Beauty with Heart, Lancôme held a charity
gala dinner and auction on Monday, 17 June 2013 to raise S$27,750 for the
Singapore Heart Foundation..

of only 800 pieces in the world, Lancôme’s finest skincare product – Absolue
L’Extrait Black Crystal Light Edition – was auctioned along with two art pieces
by child prodigy and artist Dawn Kwan. Together with other items, the auction
raised S$24,350, with donations bringing the total to S$27,750. The funds
collected will support the Singapore Heart Foundation’s Go Red for Women
campaign, which aims to raise awareness of heart disease which is the top
killer of women both locally and worldwide.

Jamie Ong, brand manager of
Lancôme says, “We believe that every woman
deserves to be empowered – to be beautiful inside and out, to be healthy and
aware. By partnering the Singapore Heart Foundation, we hope to use our
platforms to tell women that they need to start taking care of their heart.”

Dr Goh Ping Ping, Chairwoman and spokesperson for Go Red
for Women 2013, says, “The Singapore Heart Foundation’s mission is to promote
heart health, prevent and reduce disability and death due to cardiovascular
diseases and stroke. This is not an easy task, and that is why we are very
appreciative of partners such as Lancôme, who work together with us to build a
heart healthier nation through our many life-saving initiatives.”



to Editor:

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait Black Crystal Light Edition

L’Extrait Black Crystal Light Edition is a limited edition version of Absolue
L’Extrait, Regenerating Ultimate Elixir. A luxurious skin revitalizing cream,
its formula was inspired by the latest discoveries in plant stem cells. Each
jar contains up to 2 million Lancôme Rose Stem Cells, Lancôme’s most powerful
regenerating ingredient that results in firmer, deeply regenerated and radiant
skin. Launched in May 2012, the cream became an instant bestseller. To mark the
first anniversary and its success, Lancôme collaborated with Maison Baccarat,
renowned for its luxurious and timeless crystals, to create 800 unique jars
that are numbered and gilded by hand on “onyx” black crystal, of
which only a limited six are available in Singapore. The Lancôme Absolue
L’Extrait Black Crystal Light Edition retails at $1,800 and can be found
exclusively at Takashimaya Department Store. To celebrate Absolue L’Extrait’s
anniversary, Lancôme will hold an event at the Cosmetics Department, Level 1,
Takashimaya Department Store from 27 June 2013 – 3 July 2013, where guests can
discover this magnificent crystal and enjoy a complimentary Absolue Hand


Illka Gobius
Principal Consultant
PINPOINT Public Relations
tel: +65 67283820 | mobile: +65 9769 8370

About Lancôme

Founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, visionary and lover of French elegance and women, Lancôme is the brand of women. During its 78 years of success, Lancôme has become the #1 brand in the women’s selective cosmetics market, by offering unique and complementary skin care, make-up and perfume in more than 130 countries. Lancôme is a pioneering brand, and a visionary, ahead of its time. A brand which keeps writing the future of cosmetics from Génifique to Visionnaire, from L’Absolu Rouge to Teint Miracle, and from Trésor to La vie est belle, Lancôme successfully combines scientific expertise and an intuitive understanding of women’s needs.

Sincro Energy Systems Launches in Singapore

22 May 2013 – Singapore – Sincro Energy Systems launched in
Singapore yesterday, with an event held for 50 of its esteemed business
partners. Enrico Soga, CEO of Soga S.p.A, was in attendance for the launch.
Soga S.p.A is the leading company of Soga Energy Team for Soga, Sincro,
Agrowatt and Soga energies branded products, which will be distributed in Asia
by Sincro Energy Systems. 

Sincro Energy Systems is based in Singapore as Soga’s hub
for Asia. The purpose of the office is strategic to the company for further
business development. Enrico Soga said that “We want to be here to stay as
close as possible to our customers, to understand what they want and to
reinforce our presence and service offering. By being close to the market, we
believe we can offer better engineering solutions.”

Soga S.p.A is a totally independent company, with 47 years
of manufacturing experience. Their products are known for their quality,
reliability and durability. They offer continuous innovation, customized
solutions, an international presence and an active after sales service.

“To create great products, you need power behind the
process”, says Enrico Soga. “No one knows better how to harness power for
industrial use than the Soga Energy Team. Made in Italy, our products have the
quality guaranteed that comes from being manufactured in Europe.”

Soga Energy Team is a leading innovator of rotating
electrical machines with a broad range of applications in a wide group of
industries. Creator of the Soga and SINCRO brands of electrical motors, both
synonymous with quality in production and performance, the Soga Energy Team
creates both standard and customised products for customers around the world.

The power solutions distributed by Sincro Energy Systems are
suitable for use in applications for Industry, Marine and Energy. The brands distributed

SOGA, asynchronous electric motors

SINCRO, synchronous alternators and rotating

AGROWATT, PTO generators and pumps

SOGAENERGIES generators for wind turbines and
energy for special projects, and

E.K. ELEKTROAGREGATI, special generating sets
for Croatia.

Manufactured in northern Italy using modern manufacturing
techniques, SINCRO’s quality products are made in accordance with ISO 9001
certification and come with a firm guarantee of reliability. All stages of
manufacture, from die-casting of lightweight aluminum bodies to winding of
stators and rotors and final assembly are done by the Italian factory’s own
production staff, enabling stringent quality control.

Sincro Energy Systems Pte Ltd is the Asian distributor of Soga, Sincro, Agrowatt and Soga energies branded products. Contact or call +65 6809 3125 for assistance.