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The World Convenes to Discuss Asia Pacific Shale Development in Dallas, TX

19 September 2014 – London, UK – The 5th World Shale Oil and Gas Summit will take
place in Dallas, Texas, 4-7 November 2014. Over 250 delegates and 50 speakers
from 45 countries will attend the summit, representing government and industry
in Australia, China, South America, the USA and elsewhere. The summit is the
largest international shale oil and gas conference, and by moving back to
Dallas this year, it positions the conference with access to the world’s
first-class shale gas sites.

Distinguished speakers attending the summit include:

  • Barry Goldstein, Executive
    Director, Energy Resources Division, DMITRE, Government of South Australia
  • Jin Zhijun, President, SINOPEC,
    China Petroleum E&P Research Institute
  • Hu Wenrui, Former Vice
    President, PetroChina, & President Beijing Energy Association
  • Hector Moreira Rodriguez,
    Independent Board Member, PEMEX
  • Ken Kirby, Senior Vice President
    for Development, XTO Energy
  • Robert J. Banks, Executive Vice
    President & Chief Operating Officer, Swift Energy

The World Shale Oil & Gas Summit: Asia Pacific Day will take
place on 7 November 2014. The day is dedicated to discussion about Asia’s shale
resources and is designed to introduce delegates from Asia to experienced shale
developers from the West.

The programme for Asia Pacific Day is designed to identify solutions
to key challenges, highlighting investment opportunities and building dynamic

The opening session will discuss how to attract potential investors
for shale development in Asia. The session will explore the huge potential of
developing Asia’s shale reserves, the opportunities available and the impact
its development will have on the global energy outlook. This session will
explore industry policies and development directions. Speakers for this session
include Hu Wenrui, Former Vice President, PetroChina and Jeffrey Haworth, the
Executive Director for Petroleum Approvals, from the Department of Mines and
Petroleum in the Western Australian government.

The second session will focus on international joint ventures and
collaborations, for example between North America and Asia Pacific. This
session will delve into the operational issues around developing a shale
industry, encompassing technology, processing, along with collaboration and
partnerships, mergers & acquisitions. Speakers for this session include Jin
Zhijun, President, Sinopec Petroleum E&P Institute and Barry Goldstein,
Executive Director of the Energy Resources Division, Department for
Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE), at the
Government of South Australia.

The third session of the day will discuss how to optimize
operational efficiency in shale development, for the long term. Panelists will
discuss how to overcome above- and below ground challenges to drive forward
Shale development. This discussion will explore infrastructure development for
efficiency, including resource management in terms of water and workforce. It
will also touch on case studies examples of where issues have successfully been
overcome. Discussion will also take place regarding China’s proposed pipeline
construction for LNG and its possible impact on the gas market; as well as
question if CBM and shale gas exploration be balanced and cost effective in the
long term. The session will also tackle how horizontal drilling and fracturing
technology processes are being applied.

One of the speakers for this session is Dr. Liu Yuzhang, Vice-President
of PetroChina’s Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development
and the President of Langfang Branch of RIPED and Director of the National Energy
Shale Gas Research & Development Center in China.

In the afternoon, delegates at Asia Pacific Day will have the
opportunity to attend a site visit to the Barnett Shale Site to see Quicksilver
Resources’ Shale Site in Fort Worth. During the site visit, delegates will have
the opportunity to meet the representatives from the site, starting with a tour
followed by a presentation and a question-answer session.

Quicksilver Resources has leased close to 88,000 net acres at
Barnett Shale Site, of which approximately 60% of the acreage is currently held
by production. The company believes that approximately 1-2 trillion cubic feet
of total potential shale resources have been identified on the site.

To learn more about Asia Pacific Day, visit Media are
welcome to register attendance. 

About the World Shale Oil
and Gas Summit

The summit is organized by The CWC Group, twice winner of the
Queen’s Award for Enterprise. CWC has a 15-year track-record in delivering
energy events and training globally, focused on Oil & Gas Exploration &
Production, LNG, GTL, Shale Gas, Local Content, O&G Logistics &
Technology, Infrastructure and Water Management.

The company has organized over 600 events in the past 15 years, to
which they attribute their unparalleled wealth and depth of experience. CWC is
the acknowledged market leader for events and training in the oil and gas
industry. With representative offices and agents in Europe, Asia Pacific,
Africa, Middle East and the Americas, CWC is supported by a team of 140
employees based at their headquarters in London, England.

Media Contact:

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2nd Myanmar Oil & Gas Upstream Summit to Occur 28-30 October 2014

February 2014 – LONDON – The CWC Group
has announced that the second Myanmar Oil & Gas Upstream Summit
will take place in Yangon on
28-30 October 2014. The event is supported by the Ministry of Energy of
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise and
Parami Energy.

Myanmar is expected to play a significant
role in the upstream sector in the region. In 2013, the Ministry of Energy
offered 18 onshore and 30 offshore blocks for bid. The results are expected
this month.

In 2009, the market for Myanmar’s oil &
gas service industry was US$400m and has since grown to almost US$1bn in 2013.
The market is expected to easily grow into a multibillion dollar industry, with
new production sharing contracts (PSC’s) being signed.

The CWC Group’s Senior Producer and
Project Manager, Gurpreet Hayre said that “With continued support from the
Ministry of Energy and the Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise, The Myanmar
Upstream Oil & Gas Summit has proven itself as the best possible meeting
place at which discover and discuss new investment opportunities in Myanmar. Last
year we attracted attendance from representatives from 35 different companies, who
travelled to Myanmar from 19 countries. This year we expect to exceed those

Ken Tun, the CEO of Parami Energy Group,
the local partner organizing the summit, said “We find the summit to be very
high profile, informative and educational. From it, we are able to understand
how important it is for Myanmar to understand what we have and how to leverage
our national assets to develop the country.

Last year, we also learned how important it
is to develop local capabilities to make the industry sustainable. Myanmar may
be one of the last countries to develop its oil and gas industry, but we have
plenty examples to learn from. Countries like Norway to Nigeria. This time we
expect to learn more.”

For more information about the Summit
please visit

About the CWC Group

The CWC Group are renowned world experts in oil, gas, power, telecommunications, and infrastructure and investment sectors, particularly in emerging markets. We have a wealth of knowledge, offering top-level strategic events around the world.

We work closely with many governments, NOCs and international corporations to highlight the key issues and challenges facing the global energy industry. CWC operates globally and over the past 13 years, our gatherings have become widely acknowledged within the industry for their quality, prestigious level of government officials and senior corporate delegation.

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