SilverNeedle® Hospitality Offers Best Hotel Sleep Experience – DreamWeave Sleep System™ Takes Sleep Seriously

6 March,
2014 – SINGAPORE –  Consisting of the
highest quality pillow-top mattress with gel-infused memory foam, the SilverNeedle®
DreamWeave Sleep System™ guarantees guests nights of blissful sleep. As guests
lie on the 300 mm mattress, their spines will maintain the natural alignment,
thanks to the five-zone spring’s unique continuous coil design that conforms to
the guests’ body shape. The design also provides firm yet comfortable support
while minimizing partner disturbance.

Hospitality’s mission is to make business life better and we know sleep is
serious business for our guests,” said Iqbal Jumabhoy, Managing Director &
Group CEO of SilverNeedle® Hospitality. “Thus, we want to provide the best sleep
experience so that our guests can be refreshed to take on the next day, whether
they are on a holiday or business trip.”

mattress’s sleep surface comprises the newly developed DreamFoam™ with a super
fine structure that makes it more breathable than regular bedding foams, reducing
heat build-up. The mattress is also treated to maintain hygienic freshness.

this top-quality mattress are Egyptian Cotton 300 thread count per inch linens
and a selection of premium pillows.

Hospitality will introduce the DreamWeave Sleep System™ to all new hotels
joining its network in the midscale to luxury segments, and over time, to
existing properties in these segments.

Hospitality manages, leases, licenses and franchises hotels under these brands:
 SilverNeedle® Collection, NEXT Hotels®,
Chifley®, Country Comfort®, Australis® and Sundowner®.

SilverNeedle® Hospitality:

Hospitality is an innovative and progressive integrated hospitality investment,
management and development company, with a focus on mid to upscale hotels and
resorts that are intelligently designed and operated for the professional and
leisure needs of the business traveller. SilverNeedle® Hospitality currently
operates more than 60 managed and licensed properties with three properties
under development, together accounting for more than 4,000 keys in Asia
Pacific. Headquartered in Singapore, SilverNeedle® Hospitality has regional offices
in Bangkok, Sydney and Bangalore. The Nadathur Group, an investment firm owned
by Nadathur S. Raghavan, cofounder of
NASDAQ-listed Infosys Technologies, founded SilverNeedle® Hospitality. For more
information, please visit

For further information please contact:
Chia-Peck Wong
Director Corporate Communications
SilverNeedle® Hospitality
238A Thomson Road, #25-07/10
Novena Square [Tower A], Singapore 307684
T +65 6595 9440 | F +65 6250 0030
No. 201111736G
Tel: +65-6645-9405

Laureate Hospitality Education CEOs to Speak at Women in Hospitality and Tourism in Asia Conference

Singapore, March 3, 2014 –
Three CEOs of Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) schools will be in Singapore this week to speak
at the inaugural Women in Hospitality and Tourism in Asia conference. Judy Hou, CEO of Glion Institute
of Higher Education; Sonia Tatar, director general/CEO of Les Roches
Worldwide; and Emily Williams Knight, president of Kendall College are
participating in the conference because of their role and leadership in
educating new generations of women for the hospitality industry.  

A leading hospitality
management education group, LHE comprises four institutions: Glion Institute of
Higher Education, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Kendall
College, and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. These
institutions span four continents, with locations including the UK,
Switzerland, Spain, Australia, China, and the United States.

Women represent two thirds of
the global tourism industry labour force; however, Asia has the lowest average
participation of women in the global hotel and restaurant sector. That women
are educated in this region is critical because the UN World Tourism Organization
asserts that tourism helps women break the poverty cycle. According to The
World Bank, women and girls reinvest an average of 90% of their income in their
families, compared to a 30 to 40% reinvestment rate for men. Furthermore, some
44 million jobs are expected to be created in Asia Pacific over the next 10
years, presenting a huge opportunity to up‐skill employees in the hospitality

LHE has a strong presence in
the region with two of their schools having branch campuses in Shanghai and
Suzhou.  Additionally, Judy Hou says “We
continue to see traction and interest in the region for our programs in
Switzerland, the US and our branch campuses. 
Our presence in this conference acknowledges the roles of Singapore and
China, among others, as pivotal to the hospitality industry growth, not only in
the region but worldwide.”

from Asia represent a considerable percentage of each LHE school’s
population.  Hospitality management
programs in Les Roches and Glion, among the three top schools in hospitality in
the world, continue to attract students from the region, particularly through
innovative offers such as Les Roches’ Global BBA program that allows students
to pursue their academic studies in China, Spain and Switzerland. 

hotel companies – which have excellent potential for growth, especially in Asia
– are looking to hire graduates who are not only used to a multicultural work
environment, but who also have expertise acquired in different parts of the
world,” said president Tatar.  “The Global
BBA program gives students a unique and differentiated exposure to countries
where the hospitality sector is in full and rapid expansion, providing them a
competitive edge to enter this professional market.”

Kendall College, the number
one school in Chicago, USA, for careers in hospitality and culinary arts, has
seen increased interest from Asia and China due in part to the vibrancy and
promising tourist and culinary scene of Chicago.  “Kendall has seen a 60% increase in culinary
arts students from Asia, with women representing more than 80% of those new
students,” said president Knight.  “This
diverse pool adds to the unique and global experience of our academic

Glion also offers students
based in Asia a fully online MBA program. In Singapore, Glion has students from
Marina Bay Sands and Sofitel participating in this online course. Hou says, “These
students are well supported by their management teams at work, and we expect
the degree to position them to fast track their career in hospitality

“I chose Glion’s online MBA
program for its excellent reputation,” said Kim Sung Wong, Director of Public
Area Department at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Laureate Hospitality
Education (LHE) is a member of the Laureate
International Universities
network, which is made up of more than 75
accredited campus-based and online institutions of higher education, serving
more than 800,000 students in 30 countries.

LHE contact:

Maria Alexandra Velez
Executive Director, Communications
Laureate Education, Inc.
+1 443 627-7112 – Office
+1 443 509-5793 – Mobile

Media Contact:

Illka Gobius
Principal Consultant
PINPOINT Public Relations 
mobile +65 9769 8370

Parami Calls for Revised National Environmental Policy,  HSE Standards in Myanmar

11 Feb 2014 – LONDON – Ken Tun, CEO of the Parami
Energy Group of Companies, an indigenous group of companies with a strong hold
in Myanmar’s Oil & Gas sector, outlined the need for a revised National
Environmental Policy in Myanmar. Tun believes that to protect local
infrastructure and to develop the industry in a sustainable manner, it is
timely for revisions to be made to the policy. 

Expressing his beliefs in an interview
conducted with The CWC Group’s Senior Producer and Project Manager Gurpreet
Hayre, Tun said that the government should also involve new operators in
setting standards for the policy and to set HSE requirements. He urged that
Myanmar’s government should draft a policy document with local content, in a
timely manner, so that supporting industries which are being developed locally
can grow in a sustainable manner.

Qualifying this statement, he said “Obviously,
there is the great interest here in Myanmar and I see Myanmar will play a very
big role in upstream sector regionally. We will have super packed exploration programs
in the years ahead. The operators I think will be able to come up with more HSE
requirements, and higher Environmental standards. It is now time for the
government to come up with a revised National Environmental Policy, addressing
the energy sector, with the help of these operators.”

Tun said that “Developing business for
local companies in the oil and gas sector still has its challenges. Steady progress is being made but it is a long and painful
process to acquire the jobs, execute and deliver up to the expectation of
owners and yet sustain profitability. Some of our projects did not make money
but we still delivered as promised as we are very hungry for experience and

He added “The Oil & Gas industry in
Myanmar is so small that any mistake you make can be visible to anyone in very
short period of time. Even big service companies cannot escape that.”

“Operators and the Myanmar Oil & Gas
Enterprise (MOGE) are very strict in terms of disqualifying the companies which
cannot meet deadlines or perform the job. If you cannot perform one job, you
are out [of consideration] for the next job. You can see some examples of this
in the EPC and Seismic business in Myanmar.”

Tun expressed that it is still a challenge
for local companies to move up the value chain by offering international
standards service. Supplier education programs are needed, such as HSE
certification, procurement procedures, and other forms of training to help
future operators to gain more confidence in local companies.

Parami take their Corporate Sustainability
Responsibilities very seriously. They get involved in the process of
development, to ensure that the projects they support help social development
in a sustainable manner. They help rural people with ways to sustain their
lives with the changes around them. Tun describes it as ““We give a man half a
fish to have his stomach half full and then teach them how to fish.” 

Some of Parami’s initiatives include
planting a total of 500,000 trees. To date they have planted 300,000 trees, of
which 100,000 trees were planted in 2013. In 2013, Parami also helped 1,000
children obtain a monastery school education in the Shan and Karen states and
they organized and financed 11 workshops to help local business communities to learn
about the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Tun said that “Looking ahead, we might beat
our target of planting 500,000 trees by 2015. In 2014, we plan to support an additional
70 monastic schools and organize 7 AEC workshops.”

Parami is also cognizant of their
responsibilities to build a sustainable industry. Tun made mention that “There
is obviously shortage of local qualified people in our sector. Yet, more than
50% of our population are of young working age. 
Offering education, vocational and professional training is very
important for our industry to make it sustainable.”

Parami Energy is brainstorming ideas to
convert this readily available local resource to generate income nationally
from the energy sector. Ideas are welcome to address this opportunity.

Parami Energy is the official Local Partner
of the 2nd Myanmar Oil & Gas Upstream Summit, to be held in Yangon,
28-30 October 2014. The event is endorsed by the Ministry of Energy of the
Republic of the Union of Myanmar. To learn more about the event, visit

About Parami Energy

Parami Energy is a group of companies with the core businesses in Oil & Gas, Power, Construction and Finance. We differentiate ourselves from our competitions through our corporate values, innovative business model, and straight forward business approach.

Parami Energy Development manages oil and gas exploration. Parami Energy Development aims to be a leading energy player of oil and gas upstream sector, to become a regional and international exploration company in this arena.

About the CWC Group

The CWC Group are renowned world experts in oil, gas, power, telecommunications, and infrastructure and investment sectors, particularly in emerging markets. We have a wealth of knowledge, offering top-level strategic events around the world.

We work closely with many governments, NOCs and international corporations to highlight the key issues and challenges facing the global energy industry. CWC operates globally and over the past 13 years, our gatherings have become widely acknowledged within the industry for their quality, prestigious level of government officials and senior corporate delegation.

For more information, please visit: Website:


Roshan Jan-Mahomed
Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 20 7978 0000
Fax: +44 20 7978 0099

2nd Myanmar Oil & Gas Upstream Summit to Occur 28-30 October 2014

February 2014 – LONDON – The CWC Group
has announced that the second Myanmar Oil & Gas Upstream Summit
will take place in Yangon on
28-30 October 2014. The event is supported by the Ministry of Energy of
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise and
Parami Energy.

Myanmar is expected to play a significant
role in the upstream sector in the region. In 2013, the Ministry of Energy
offered 18 onshore and 30 offshore blocks for bid. The results are expected
this month.

In 2009, the market for Myanmar’s oil &
gas service industry was US$400m and has since grown to almost US$1bn in 2013.
The market is expected to easily grow into a multibillion dollar industry, with
new production sharing contracts (PSC’s) being signed.

The CWC Group’s Senior Producer and
Project Manager, Gurpreet Hayre said that “With continued support from the
Ministry of Energy and the Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise, The Myanmar
Upstream Oil & Gas Summit has proven itself as the best possible meeting
place at which discover and discuss new investment opportunities in Myanmar. Last
year we attracted attendance from representatives from 35 different companies, who
travelled to Myanmar from 19 countries. This year we expect to exceed those

Ken Tun, the CEO of Parami Energy Group,
the local partner organizing the summit, said “We find the summit to be very
high profile, informative and educational. From it, we are able to understand
how important it is for Myanmar to understand what we have and how to leverage
our national assets to develop the country.

Last year, we also learned how important it
is to develop local capabilities to make the industry sustainable. Myanmar may
be one of the last countries to develop its oil and gas industry, but we have
plenty examples to learn from. Countries like Norway to Nigeria. This time we
expect to learn more.”

For more information about the Summit
please visit

About the CWC Group

The CWC Group are renowned world experts in oil, gas, power, telecommunications, and infrastructure and investment sectors, particularly in emerging markets. We have a wealth of knowledge, offering top-level strategic events around the world.

We work closely with many governments, NOCs and international corporations to highlight the key issues and challenges facing the global energy industry. CWC operates globally and over the past 13 years, our gatherings have become widely acknowledged within the industry for their quality, prestigious level of government officials and senior corporate delegation.

For more information, please visit: Website:


Roshan Jan-Mahomed
Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 20 7978 0000
Fax: +44 20 7978 0099

All-star cast of founders and top brands assembled for WIT Dubai

A cast of top speakers, blending global and local expertise, has been
assembled for the inaugural Web In Travel Middle
to be held at the Sofitel The Palm
Resort and Spa
in Dubai on March 26-27.

The all-star cast includes
founders of some of the top online travel companies in the world namely
Trivago’s co-founder and CEO Rolf Schromgens, MakeMyTrip’s co-founder Keyur
Joshi, South Africa-based Travelstart’s founder Stephan Ekbergh and’s
co-founder & CEO, Kei Shibata.

Leading brands such as Google, Expedia, Skyscanner, Accor,
hotelscombined and Singapore’s Wego are also represented.

With a WIT signature being a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation,
the first WIT Middle East will also blend the global insights of top
entrepreneurs from around the world with leading players in the region’s
burgeoning start-up scene.

Fritz Demopoulos, a co-founder of Qunar, China’s leading travel search
engine and one of Asia’s biggest start-up success stories, will share a global
bird’s eye view of start-up trends. Since exiting Qunar after selling to Baidu,
Demopoulos is an active investor and advisor in start-ups around the world.

Giving his take on the start-up scene in the Middle East is Paul Kenny, founder
and CEO of e-commerce website Cobone, and travel website Triperna. Kenny, along
with Arya Bolurfrushan, recently set up Emerge Ventures, a fund for early-stage
investments in the region’s technology companies.

Ventures recently closed its first investment fund MENA Fund I and has made its
first three investments within the UAE – The Impact Hub – a collaborative
incubator and co-working space to open in Souk al Bahar, Dubai; Lumba – a
Silicon Valley-based mobile gaming company focused on the Arabic-speaking
world; and Elevision – a new digital media network that broadcasts news,
information and advertisements from screens inside the lifts of premier towers
in the UAE.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes made
and lessons learnt from local start-ups such as Albert Dias, co-founder,
marketing & technology Director,, Girma Wossenseged, managing
director, by Kuoni Travel and Pieter Sleeboom, co-founder and

“A key signature of WIT events is the blending
of global knowledge and local insights to create a true exchange of learning
for both overseas and local delegates,” said Yeoh Siew Hoon, editor and
founder of the Singapore-based WIT, which also
holds events in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and across the

Visit Britain, Tourism Queensland and the Singapore Tourism Board will be
represented in a session about “The Outbound Promise: Understanding the Middle
East traveler” alongside local experts including Nasiruddin Mohammed Shafiq,
general manager, Regency Travel and Tours, Francis Dharmai, head of tourism, Al
Tayyar Travel Group and Mohamed Jassim Al Rais, deputy managing director, Al
Rais Tours and Holidays.

Hospitality brands with specialist knowledge such as Trust
International, a leading name in hotel distribution and Circos Brand Karma,
social media analytics and digital marketing firm, will bring their unique
insights to the first event in the Middle East to focus on travel marketing,
distribution and technology.

And with aviation playing such a vital role in the Middle East travel
promise, airlines and airports will be a key part of the agenda. Confirmed thus
far are Abdul
Wahab Teffaha, Secretary General, Arab Air Carriers Organization, Sameer Poonja,
Head of Digital Technologies, Emirates, Lewis Naim, head of marketing and brand
management, Dubai Airports and Cengiz Dirgimenci, online sales and marketing
manager for Turkish Airlines.

This is WIT’s first Middle East edition in recognition of the booming
online and ecommerce opportunity in travel.

“More speakers are being confirmed as we enter the new Year and we are excited
about kicking off WIT’s 10th anniversary with our first conference
in one of the world’s most exciting and untapped regions when it comes to
online travel,” said Siew Hoon.

Click here for
the programme

Register here

About Web In Travel (WIT)

Web In Travel is a community for anyone passionate about travel technology, distribution and marketing. This basically means if you love travel, and if you are a bit of a technology freak in terms of wanting to understand how technology is changing travel, you are one of us.

We provide news through our website and social feeds, and run events that are strong in content and different in style and delivery. We launched our first event in 2005 and have been spreading learning through events in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Our events include the flagship WIT Conference, WIT Japan, WIT Indonesia, WITX – Women Redefining Travel, WIT Bootcamp for start-ups and investors and WIT Summercamp, our coaching event for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our purpose is to take your mind to new places so that together, we can accelerate travel innovation.

To get in touch with us, please contact:

Gerry Pang         +65 979 77730 / +66 87 887 6623

Angeline Rivera  +971 4 298 1775

EmTech Singapore Announces 10 Regional Finalists for the  MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 Awards (TR35)

5 December 2013 – SINGAPORE – EmTech Singapore has announced the 10 regional finalists from Southeast Asia and
Australia/New Zealand for the 13th annual MIT Technology Review
magazine’s 35 Innovators under 35 (TR35) list. The
10 regional finalists are eligible for the global list, for which 35 Innovators
under 35 years of age as of 1 October will be celebrated at the EmTech 2014 event held in Boston, Massachusetts.
The global winners will be showcased in the September/October 2014 issue of the
magazine, and online at

The 2014 TR35 list will reflect the variety of
approaches that people can take to solving big problems. The Inventors are those creating new
technologies. The Entrepreneurs are
turning technologies into viable businesses. The Visionaries anticipate how technologies can make life better, while
Humanitarians are concentrating on
expanding opportunities. The Pioneers
are those who are exploring new frontiers, setting the stage for future

The TR35 regional finalists are to
present a three-minute elevator pitch about their technological innovation to
the audience at EmTech Singapore. Selected by an esteemed panel of judges, the finalists are:

Juliana Chan, Singapore, Nanyang Assistant
Professor (NAP) at the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) at
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Lee Kong Chian School of
Medicine(LKCMedicine), for her work in engineering targeted hybrid
polymeric-lipid nanoparticles that cling to artery walls and slowly release

Dr. Michael Hochberg, Singapore, Professor of Electrical &
Computer Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Chemical &
Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware; visiting Professor of
Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore
with a joint appointment at the Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR. He
is also the director of OpSIS. Michael is nominated for his work in Silicon

Goh Ai Ching, Malaysia, co-founder of Piktochart,
a web application that assists laymen to create beautiful infographics

Dr. Iqbal Mudasser, Singapore, co-founder of Visenti
Pte Ltd, a company that enables water efficiencies in water utilities

Matthew Hill, Australia, Senior Research
Scientist at CSIRO for his work to develop a highly-porous Metal Organic
Framework (MOF) that, almost uniquely, is stable and able to filter substances
in water

Nripan Mathews, Singapore, a senior scientist with
ERI@N, an energy research institute at Nanyang Technological University, for
work in the discovery of perosvskite, a solar material

Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara, Singapore, Director and Principal
Investigator at the Augmented Senses Research Group at Singapore University of
Technology and Design (SUTD) for his work designing innovative devices for
audio-visually impaired people

Desmond Loke, Singapore, Postdoctoral Fellow,
Engineering Product Development at Singapore University of Technology and
Design and Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and
Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his work developing a
new method using priming to speed up phase-change memory in technology

Yang Zhi, Singapore, Assistant Professor at
the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the National
University of Singapore, for his work in neural recording

Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat, Thailand, Head of the Surface
Coating Technology for Metals and Materials Research Center at MMRI,
Chulalongkorn University for his zinc based coating technology to reduce
corrosion problems

The next MIT TR35 Singapore awards
submission season will open for nominations between 1 April 2014 and 5
September 2014. Submissions can be made at


Since 1999, MIT Technology Review has
identified the top young innovators under the age of 35 who receive the TR35 Award at EmTech. TR35 nominees are recognized annually for their contribution in
transforming the nature of technology in industries such as biotechnology,
energy, medicine, computing, transportation and the web. Past global TR35
winners include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry
Page, Tumblr’s David Karp and Spotify’s Daniel Ek among others.

The TR35 project takes months of
effort. It begins with nominations from the public and MIT Technology Review
editors. People who have been selected by MIT Technology Review’s publishing
partners as local Innovators Under 35
in several regions worldwide are also considered. The editors go through the
hundreds of candidates and select fewer than 100 finalists, all of whom will be
younger than 35 on October 1. A panel of judges rates the finalists on the
originality and impact of their work. Finally, the editors take the judges’
scores into account to select the group.


The Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT) Technology Review Magazine each year hosts EmTech a showcase
for emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. The
event is also an access point to the most innovative people and companies in
the world. Designed to inspire, EmTech is an opportunity to glimpse the future
and begin to understand the technologies that matter and how they’ll change the
face of business and drive the new global economy. Held for the first time in
Singapore, EmTech Singapore will take place 20-21 January 2014 at The Sands
Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.


Koelnmesse the organizer of EmTech Singapore, is one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. Its more than 70
trade fairs and exhibitions have the broadest international scope in the
industry, as 60 percent of the exhibitors and 40 percent of the visitors come
from outside Germany. The Koelnmesse events include the leading global trade
fairs for 25 sectors, such as imm
photokinaGamescom, and the International Hardware Fair Cologne.

L’Oréal Singapore Awards Two Women Scientists with Fellowships

28 November 2013 –
SINGAPORE – L’Oréal Singapore has awarded fellowships to two Singaporean women scientists
under the prestigious 2013 L’Oréal
Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship
program, at an event held in honor
of the finalists and awardees. The annual awards are organized with the support
of the Singapore National Commission for UNESCO and the Agency for Science,
Technology and Research (A*STAR). The awards aim to recognize the contributions
of talented women to science; to encourage women to pursue careers in science; as
well as to promote women’s participation in Singapore’s research and development

The 2013 fellows are:

  • Assistant Professor Sierin
     of the  School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering,
    Nanyang Technological University, who was awarded the Life Science Fellowship
  • Dr Chin Jia Min, Scientist II and Head of the
    Laboratory of Advanced Porous Materials at the Institute of Materials Research
    and Engineering, A*STAR, who was awarded the Material Science fellowship


The L’Oréal fellowships
give visibility to women building careers in science, which is significant
because women are readily gaining an education in science, yet a considerable
portion of graduates do not pursue a career in the discipline that they study.

Christopher Neo, Managing
Director of L’Oréal Singapore reiterated this, stating “The truth is that women
are heavily under-represented in the field of science. Under 30% of the
physicists, engineers and computer scientists in the world’s knowledge based
economies are women. Only about 12% of science-decision-making positions in
universities and the private sector are held by women. These are the statistics
that the L’Oréal Foundation hopes to help balance out through the For Women in
Science programme.”

Christophe Hadjur, Director
for Open Research in Asia and the Singapore Research & Innovation Centre
for L’Oréal explained what the awards mean for L’Oréal. “Science has always
been part of L’Oréal’s DNA. The company was founded by a Scientist, a Chemist,
and till today, Research, and Innovation – not just development – are our
guiding principles: we believe that only strong research can create products
that are capable of generating real results.”

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For
Women in Science Awards were established by the L’Oréal Foundation in 1998 as
the first international awards dedicated to women scientists around the world.
15 years later, the programme is a benchmark of international scientific
excellence; an invaluable source of motivation, support, and inspiration for
women in the scientific field. L’Oréal Singapore embraced the programme in 2009
and has since recognized 12 Singaporeans as National Fellows.


Assistant Professor Sierin
Lim received the Life Sciences Fellowship in recognition of her work in the
design, engineering and development of hybrid nano/micro-scale devices from
biological parts by utilizing protein engineering as a tool. Lim’s focus is to
gain understanding of the self-assembly mechanism of the protein nanocages. She
is exploring ways to apply protein nanocages as nano-scale carriers for
therapeutic and diagnostic molecules, or as junctions to be used in

In acknowledging the
fellowship, Lim said, “Using my career as an example, I hope to inspire curiosity
and foster grit in young women to be future scientists; I’d like to engage more
women to advance science and engineering.”

Dr Chin Jia Min also
shares her love for science. “Science is wondrous – a fertile playground
for the imagination. My greatest wish is to inspire my students to love their
Science, and together, create something beautiful for everyone.”

Dr Chin received the
Material Sciences Fellowship in recognition of her effort to create sustainable
materials and processes that can contribute to improved environmental
sustainability. She focuses her research on the creation of porous materials
for applications in areas such as gas purification and storage, catalysis,
controlled release, green building technology and environmental remediation. Dr
Chin’s aim is to utilize bottom-up assembly to create materials that have
traditionally been accessible only via top-down fabrication.


Both fellows this year
received grants of SG$30,000. This year marks the 5th year that L’Oréal
Singapore has awarded the fellowships; and since 2009, 12 women scientists have
received SG$300,000 in grants.  The funds
can be applied in whatever way the awardees choose. One recipient used it to fund
a website; another for childcare, so that she could continue her research.

Dr Carolyn Lam, L’Oréal’s
2012 Life Sciences Fellow, used the funds and recognition that came from the
award to start a tailor-made cardio-vascular research project for women at the
National University Heart Centre Singapore. Dr Lam’s team was able to use the money
to fund patient fees and investigations that were needed to found this research
project. From there, they successfully applied for, and won a grant from the
Singapore Heart Foundation to further their research. She said, “Being
recognized as a L’Oréal For Women In Science Fellow has ignited even more
awards for our research, and I’m really very grateful”.

Dr Jaslyn Law, L’Oréal 2012
Material Sciences Fellow says “This [award] has actually given me a golden key
to unlock a brand new door of opportunity – with a network. This door that I am
referring to is the door that has given me the publicity for my work that I’ve
been doing. It acts as a common platform for me to engage in more scientific
discussions to increase my knowledge and experiences [by] talking to different
networks of people, as well as increasing my portfolio of networks and
connections both locally, as well as overseas.”

Dr Lam says “I think women
are gifted with sometimes looking at more creative ways of looking at things.
We can certainly lead groups and lead our research team too. We may not do it
the way the men do it, but I think we can be extremely effective in our own

Dr Law said “In the event
of trying, you’ll be able to experience more and to learn more. And all these
experiences build up and one day you’ll be able to realize your dream. So, to
all these aspiring young women scientists out there – just do it. Make it

– ENDS –


the world’s leading beauty company, has catered to all forms of beauty
worldwide for over 100 years and has built an unrivalled portfolio of 28
international, diverse and complementary brands. With sales of 22.5 billion
euros in 2012, L’Oréal employs 72,600 people worldwide. In 2013, the Ethisphere
Institute, a leading international think-tank for business ethics, corporate
social responsibility and sustainability, recognized L’Oréal as one of the
World’s Most Ethical Companies. This is the fourth time that L’Oréal has
received this distinction.

National Commission for UNESCO

Singapore National Commission for UNESCO is responsible for planning and
coordinating Singapore’s programmes and activities in UNESCO. Chaired by Mr Lawrence
Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of
State, Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore, the Singapore
National Commission is supported by three Sub-Commissions focusing on
Education, Science and Culture & Information. More information can be found

for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is Singapore’s lead public
sector agency that fosters world-class scientific research and talent to drive
economic growth and transform Singapore into a vibrant knowledge-based and
innovation driven economy. In line with its mission-oriented mandate, A*STAR
spearheads research and development in fields that are essential to growing
Singapore’s manufacturing sector and catalysing new growth industries. A*STAR
supports these economic clusters by providing intellectual, human and
industrial capital to its partners in industry. A*STAR oversees 20 biomedical
sciences and physical sciences and engineering research entities, located in
Biopolis and Fusionopolis as well as their vicinity. These two R&D hubs
house a bustling and diverse community of local and international research
scientists and engineers from A*STAR’s research entities as well as a growing
number of corporate laboratories.

Transformative, Emerging Technologies Tabled for Discussion in Singapore

One of the
most extraordinary science and technology events to be held in Singapore, MIT
Technology Review’s EmTech Singapore,
will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre – Marina Bay Sands, 20-12
January, 2014. (Ref: MIT
Brings EmTech To Singapore
).  Innovators,
technology leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs from a wide range of
industries and research fields will convene in Singapore to discuss the latest
trends in emerging technologies.

On the table
for discussion:

  • How innovative
    or the application of purely functional paradigms to code,
    infrastructure and the collection of data are enabling the rapid development of
    powerful, reliable, and scalable programs to transform businesses as diverse as
    hospitals, retailers and even urban cities;
  • The synthesis of engineering and biology and its
    potential impact on green chemicals,
    or to develop sustainable and renewable
  • Innovations in medical technology from using retinal scans as a diagnostic tool
    for life threatening conditions and how each of us is likely to experience
    robotic assisted surgery; to digital medicine for remote monitoring, and the wearable
    technology that will enable that to happen
  • Re-imagining
    the assembly of our physical world
    by using developments in nanotechnology,
    synthetic biology and biomedical science to create  radical 4D
    printing solutions
    at much larger scales that feature self-assembly and
    programmable matter
  • The use
    of robotics in environmental stewardship
    – using air and ground systems to
    detect invasive weeds and pests, animal tracking, or farm  crop yield and health management
  • The transformation of architecture through digital materiality and how the ideas
    of architects in the future will permeate the fabrication process of buildings
    in their entirety
  • Building new models for urban infrastructure development that address existing ones with
    transformative ideas, in a manner that accelerates funding and stakeholder
    approvals, so as to prepare cities to cope with explosive urban population
  • The exploration of autonomous driving technology and future urban mobility both from a
    macro regulatory standpoint and the call for start-ups to disrupt the industry
    by applying new technology, patterns of thinking and lean methodology

Rarely do
such speakers come under one roof. Speakers such as Jeff Hammerbacher, Founder and Chief Scientist of Cloudera; Skylar Tibbits, Director of the
Self-Assembly Lab at MIT; Salah
, Director of Research & Innovation at the Australian Centre
for Field Robotics; Halle Tecco, CEO
and Founder of Rock Health; and Amar
, Senior Vice President of Autodesk.

To learn
more about EmTech Singapore, visit

About EmTech Singapore

EmTech Singapore is where technology, business, and culture converge. It’s the showcase for emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. It’s an access point to the most innovative people and companies in the world. Most of all, it is a place of inspiration—an opportunity to glimpse the future and begin to understand the technologies that matter and how they’ll change the face of business and drive the new global economy.

About Koelnmesse

is one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. Its more than 70 trade
fairs and exhibitions have the broadest international scope in the industry, as
60 percent of the exhibitors and 40 percent of the visitors come from outside
Germany. The Koelnmesse events include the leading global trade fairs for 25
sectors, such as imm cologneAnugaIDSINTERMOTinterzum
photokinaGamescom, and the International Hardware Fair

About Pinpoint Public Relations

Pinpoint Public Relations is a boutique PR consultancy based in Singapore. We make news about your business. Our job is to connect your newsmakers with the media; to get your key messages across to influencers, in order to position your brand and create advocates for your brand. Visit us at http://www,


20-21 January 2014, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

4 November 2013 – SINGAPORE – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review Magazine, the world’s most respected technology publication founded in 1899, is bringing its famous EmTech event to Singapore, 20-21 January 2014.

EmTech is a showcase for emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. The event is also an access point to the most innovative people and companies in the world. “At MIT Technology Review we firmly believe that technology can solve big problems, increase productivity and expand human possibility,” Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher, MIT Technology Review.

Designed to inspire — EmTech is an opportunity to glimpse the future and begin to understand the technologies that matter and how they’ll change the face of business and drive the new global economy. “We’re at the beginning of the most rapid transformation ever seen by technology,” added Pontin.

Kathleen Kennedy, Chief Strategy Officer for MIT Technology Review said that the reason Singapore was chosen as the location for the first Southeast Asian edition of EmTech is that “Emtech is all about commercialization of new technologies. With a consistently high Innovation Index, Singapore is an essential destination for this conference. It has both the industry and scientific talent needed for success.”

The conference host and moderator is Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review.

Presented in a rapid fire, TED-like conference format, 30 speakers will present topics including Big Data, High Density Urbanization, Emerging Technologies in Healthcare, 3D Printing & Future Manufacturing as well as Synthetic Biology. The speakers, who represent industry and academics include:

  • Jeff Hammerbacher, Founder & Chief Scientist, Cloudera 
  • Mitchell Higashi, Chief Economist, GE Healthcare
  • Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher, MIT Technology Review
  • Skylar Tibbits, TED Senior Fellow, Director, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT; Founder & Principal, SJET LLC
  • Dr Homi Bhedwar, Technology Director – South Asia & ASEAN, DuPont
  • Halle Tecco, Founder & CEO, Rock Health
  • Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President, IPG Product Group, Autodesk
  • Salah Sukkarieh, Director of Research and Innovation, Australian Centre for Field Robotics
  • Dr Homi Bhedwar, Technology Director – South Asia & ASEAN, DuPont
  • Hao Li, MIT TR35 2013 Winner & Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California

Speakers from Singapore include:

  • Emilio Frazzoli, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics , Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Ryan Chin, Managing Director, City Science Initiative, MIT Media Lab
  • Corentin Roux Dit Buisson, SVP Business Intelligence and Head of Data Science, Zalora 
  • Ng See Kiong, Programme Director, SERC Urban Systems Initiative, A*STAR
  • Wong Tien Yin, Group Research Director, SingHealth

More speakers are featured on the website together with the conference agenda.


Since 1999, MIT Technology Review has identified the top young innovators under the age of 35 who receive the TR35 Award at EmTech. Past TR35 winners include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Tumblr’s David Karp and Spotify’s Daniel Ek among others.

TR35 nominees are recognized annually for their contribution in transforming the nature of technology in industries such as biotechnology, computing, energy, medicine, transportation and the web. Submissions were opened this year to innovators from Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 10 finalists will be selected and announced at EmTech Singapore in January 2014. Nominations closed 16 October 2013.

MIT Technology Review will showcase the global winners in the September/October issue and online at

Early bird registration for EmTech closes 29 November 2013.

– END –

EmTech Singapore Contact:

Sofia Balmaceda

Regional Manager

Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

D: +65 6500-6719


About Koelnmesse

Koelnmesse is one of the world’s largest trade fair companies. Its more than 70 trade fairs and exhibitions have the broadest international scope in the industry, as 60 percent of the exhibitors and 40 percent of the visitors come from outside Germany. The Koelnmesse events include the leading global trade fairs for 25 sectors, such as imm cologne, Anuga, IDS, INTERMOT, interzum cologne, photokina, Gamescom, and the International Hardware Fair Cologne.

Shale Industry Experts, Decision Makers Convene in Houston

29 October 2013 – LONDON, ENGLAND – The CWC Group is hosting the largest international meeting of the world’s shale oil and gas industry experts and senior decision makers in Houston – the heart of the shale industry at the 4th World Shale Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition, 4-7 November 2013. Hot topics tabled for discussion in the Summit Agenda include proposed investment and legal frameworks for an unconventional oil and gas industry; the role of technology in driving the sustainability of the industry; gas monetization strategies; environmental best practice; ; as well as emerging shale frontiers and addressing the concerns of stakeholders and public opposition groups through public engagement. 

Speakers include:

  • Chad Stephens, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Range Resources
  • Frederik R. Janssens, Global Chief Developer Unconventional Gas, Global Gas & LNG, GDF SUEZ
  • Duarte Figueira, Head of Office of Unconventional Gas & Oil, Department of Energy & Climate Change UK
  • Barry Goldstein, Executive Director, Energy Resources Division, Government of South Australia
  • Paul Goodfellow, Vice President US Unconventionals, Shell
  • Dr John Decker, Principal Geologist, Petroleum Agency SA
  • Peng Qiming, Director General, Ministry of Land & Resources, China
  • Hector M. Rodriguez, Independent Member of the Board, PEMEX

Delegates attending the event will have the opportunity to network with representatives of companies such as Baker Hughes, BP International Ltd, CNPC, Ecopetrol, Gazprom JSC, GDF SUEZ, PEMEX, Saipem S.p.A., Sasol Petroleum International Ltd, Schlumberger, SINOPEC, SK Energy, Statoil, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, NNPC, CB&I, ExxonMobil, Mitsui & Co, TPAO, US Department of Energy, Wisent Oil & Gas,  Weatherford International, Chevron, Gas Natural Fenosa, Shell, Range Resources, EBN, SAPEX, Cheniere Energy, Inc., Gas Technology Institute, Center for Sustainable Shale Development, CEMIG Brazil, KBR, Mansarovar Energy Colombia, Saudi Aramco, andSchlumberger. 

The event also includes the World Shale Asia Pacific Day which will feature discussions on  how to unlock potential shale reserves in the Asia Pacific region by encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing between the reserve holders in Asia Pacific and experienced developers in the USA. 

The World Shale Awards will also be awarded at a Gala Dinner on Tuesday 5 November, 2013.

Registration for the event is still open at 

About World Shale Oil & Gas: Summit and Exhibition

The World Shale Oil & Gas: Summit and Exhibition is organized by The CWC Group, twice winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. CWC has a 15-year track-record in delivering energy events and training globally, focused on Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, LNG, GTL, Shale Gas, Local Content, O&G Logistics & Technology, Infrastructure and Water Management. 

The company has organized over 600 events in the past 15 years, to which they attribute their unparalleled wealth and depth of experience. CWC is the acknowledged market leader for events and training in the oil and gas industry. With representative offices and agents in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and the Americas, CWC is supported by a team of 140 employees based at their headquarters in London, England.